Signs of impotence. How to understand that you have impotence?

At the moment, impotence remains a problem for many men. Statistics show that about half of the stronger sex after 40 years suffer from this disease. Almost a third of men face this problem at the age of 18.

Doctors are sounding the alarm, because impotence and erectile dysfunction have gained global proportions. Next, we will tell you what kind of disease it is, how it manifests itself, why it happens, and most importantly – how to treat it?

What kind of disease is impotence?

In general terms, potency is the ability to have full sexual intercourse in a man.

This requires a number of conditions:

  • Sexual arousal;
  • Member tension;
  • Persistent erection during sexual intercourse;
  • Ejaculation;
  • Orgasm.

If at least one of these conditions has not been achieved, or has not been fully manifested, then this may be a sign of erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Doctors say that impotence is not a disease. In fact, these are symptoms that lead to the fact that a man cannot perform sexual intercourse. The penis may not be in an erect state for a long time, or it may not reach it at all.

Quite often, against the background of impotence, a man begins to suffer from various complexes, sometimes marriages collapse. This disease can appear for various reasons:

  • psychological;
  • neurogenic. In particular, diseases affecting the central nervous system, strokes, injuries and more. Also, the cause may be a weak conduction of nerve impulses on the way from the brain to the cavernous body;
  • hormonal. Very often, men over 40 years old, with extra pounds, suffer from the disease. At this age, the body begins to produce significantly less testosterone. Because of this, the erection occurs more slowly, it can abruptly pass during sexual intercourse. Excessive production of prolactin can lead to impotence, because it is an antagonist of male hormones. Therefore, problems with the endocrine system are one of the causes of problems with potency. If there is less hair on the body, the voice has increased, extra pounds have appeared – all this may be a sign of endocrine system disorders;
  • local. The disease can occur due to disorders in the work of the genitals. In particular, this leads to a violation of the internal secretion of the testicles, diseases of the prostate gland and seminal tubercle, malformations and various diseases in the penis;
  • medications. Impotence can be a side effect of prolonged use of certain medications. This problem is solved by replacing one tool with another.

It is also worth remembering that vascular impotence can lead to impotence. It develops as a result of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

It turns out that impotence occurs for various reasons:

  • fatness;
  • constant stress;
  • scandals in the family;
  • poisoning;
  • smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • disturbances in metabolic processes;
  • poor nutrition.

In addition, experts recommend not to masturbate. This activity can lead to psychological problems and disruption of natural sexual functions. When a man masturbates, his seminal tubules and glands of the genital organ become irritated. As a result, early release of seminal fluid occurs, neurasthenia may occur. As a result, in bed with a woman, a man does not achieve proper arousal, and an erection does not occur.

Doctors distinguish three types of impotence:

  1. Relative. Occurs periodically, the causes are various life problems, fatigue, alcohol abuse;
  2. Temporary. The problem haunts the man until he solves this problem;
  3. Absolute. In this case, impotence is a side effect of another disease. Without proper treatment, it will not be possible to restore potency.

Also, experts divide impotence into:

  • Organic. It is associated with an incorrect hormonal background or problems with blood vessels. A man begins to fail in bed. At the same time, they are becoming more frequent. As a result, in order to perform sexual intercourse, it is necessary to make great efforts. Sexual function may disappear altogether if you do not seek medical help in time;
  • Psychological. As you can understand, the causes of the disease lie in the psyche. Problems with potency arise against the background of neuroses and depressions. The problem occurs suddenly, but you should not postpone treatment.

Symptoms of impotence

Impotence is characterized by the following signs:

  • there is no traditional erection at night and in the morning;
  • with strong sexual arousal, an erection does not occur;
  • during the day, the erection appears less than before;
  • insufficient erection during arousal;
  • during sexual intercourse, the erection weakens;
  • earlier ejaculations. At the same time, it can occur even before the penis enters the partner.

There are also different symptoms that depend on the specific disease. With organic impotence, erection problems become apparent not immediately, but gradually:

  • the tendency to deterioration of potency;
  • problems with potency arise regardless of external conditions;
  • there is no spontaneous erection;
  • change in sex drive;
  • ejaculation does not occur during sexual intercourse.

Psychological impotence is characterized by the following signs:

  • sharp and sudden erection problems;
  • frequent erections at night and in the morning;
  • a weak erection occurs under certain circumstances.

What is the danger of impotence

If signs of impotence appear, then they cannot be ignored, it is necessary to start treatment as early as possible. Otherwise , it is fraught with the following consequences:

  • the lack of the possibility of a normal sexual life;
  • chronic congestive prostatitis.

Treatment of impotence

To overcome the disease, a comprehensive approach is needed.

Often , specialists prescribe the following drugs:

  • angioprotectors;
  • antioxidants;
  • alpha blockers;
  • biogenic stimulants;
  • disaggregants;
  • vasodilators.

Thanks to such drug treatment, it is possible to achieve better elasticity of the vessel walls. In addition, these drugs stabilize vascular tone.

In particular, Erovine is taken to treat an erection. This is an absolutely safe drug, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous studies. It can be used without fear of side effects. It contains only natural substances. The result of the reception will be an improvement in endurance during sexual intercourse, as well as the restoration of an erection.

If the dysfunction is provoked by neurogenic factors, then B vitamins and proserin should be taken. You may also need to visit a physiotherapy room to improve blood circulation in the pelvis.

In cases where impotence is associated with improper activity of the endocrine system, the patient needs to drink a course of hormones or synthetic analogues.

It is also possible to take medications whose actions are aimed at stimulating the appearance of an erection.

Potency problems are very painful for a man psychologically. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to visit a specialist in addition to medications. The therapist will help in the following:

  • to understand the causes of the disease, to identify negative factors;
  • to deal with mental problems that lead to the lack of an erection;
  • to establish a sexual life.

Thanks to a specialist, you can learn how to work with your emotions, fight internal conflicts. The work of a psychologist will be aimed at restoring self-esteem. After the course of treatment, self-confidence will appear.

A man with impotence can use:

  1. Vacuum devices. This solution is designed to stimulate an erection immediately before sexual intercourse. Such stimulation occurs with the help of a special pump and cylinder. With the help of a pump, air is pumped out around the penis and a vacuum space is created. Due to this, negative pressure is obtained in the cavernous bodies of the penis, as a result of which the organ is saturated with blood. As a result – a persistent erection. To prevent the blood entering the arteries and capillaries from leaving the penis, a cylinder is fixed on its base. Thanks to this, a man has the opportunity to fully have sex. This effect will last up to 30 minutes.
  2. Injections. A vasodilator is administered to the patient. In this case, the injection is made into the cavernous body of the penis. This manipulation, as well as the vacuum procedure, is carried out before the start of sexual intercourse. As a result, the patient will have a persistent erection, even when there is no sexual arousal. This remedy is enough for one sexual act. At the same time, it does not cause side effects.

In particularly severe cases, surgical intervention is resorted to for the treatment of impotence. However, this happens extremely rarely, because in most cases it is possible to cure this disease with the help of conservative treatment.

The operation may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Organic impotence;
  • Violation of the activity of vessels and veins in the pelvis, as well as in the penis.

If the cause of the disease was venous insufficiency, then the patient undergoes surgery, which is aimed at restoring the venous-selective mechanism. That is, this manipulation contributes to the fact that the blood that flowed to the penis did not leave it. If the problem is that the blood simply does not enter the organ in the required volume, then microvascular bypass surgery is performed.

However, in most cases, men suffering from impotence undergo a falloprosthesis. This operation is associated with the implantation of a phalloprosthesis into the cavernous bodies. It can be:

  • Plastic. Such a penis will look exactly the same as the real one. To achieve an erection, it needs to be lifted and straightened. The prosthesis will be in this position for as long as the patient needs it. After the completion of sexual intercourse, the penis should simply be lowered.
  • Hydraulic. This operation is associated with the implantation of an entire structure, which consists of cylinders and a special container, as well as a special pump. To get an erection, it is necessary that a special liquid fills these cylinders. In turn, they are connected to a container in which the liquid is stored. The container is implanted next to the bladder. The pump is needed for pumping liquid. It is installed in the scrotum. When it is necessary to get an erection, the patient should squeeze the pump with his fingers and it will start pumping fluid from the container near the bladder into the cylinders located in the penis.

If you have problems with an erection, it is very important to monitor your diet. It is necessary to exclude harmful food from the diet. At the same time, it is necessary to follow a diet that includes products that restore the body’s strength, in particular, increase sexual strength. You also need to give up alcohol and tobacco products.

The daily diet should include the following foods:

  • Honey;
  • Serums;
  • Onion;
  • Pumpkin seeds;
  • Vegetable oils;
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • Fresh vegetables;
  • Garlic.

A decoction of rosehip and goat’s milk will also help with the restoration of sexual strength.

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