HerpaGreens Reviews: Address Herpes Safely and Effectively!

Based on what’s said on the HerpaGreens website, “cold sore” is a contagious virus that manifests itself as neoplasms on the skin and mucosal lining of a person. After it enters your body, it doesn’t manifest itself for a long time. As soon as your immunity decreases, it begins to multiply, and its multiple symptoms appear. Most people on the planet are affected by the virus, since it is actively spreading and remains in the organism of its carrier for life.

Signs of herpes manifest themselves in different ways and depend on its kind:

  1. Herpes simplex is a group of blisters with a clear liquid inside, on the skin or mucosa. Its symptoms include burning and itchy skin, rarely – chills and general malaise.
  2. Herpes zoster – a group of blisters with a transparent, and then with blood and purulent fluid. Its symptoms are:
  • enlarged globate glands;
  • headaches;
  • violation of the overall physical state;
  • general weakness;
  • increase in body temperature.
  1. Genital herpes – eruptions (transparent blisters) that are localized on the genitals and mucosal lining. Its symptoms include burning and pain, puffiness, general malaise, and weakness.

Nine times out of ten, signs of the disease appear after one to two days: blisters with a clear liquid appear on various places of the skin and mucous membranes. To address the condition timely or even avoid its manifestation at all, you may need vitamin and mineral support. HerpaGreens is perfect for such a task!

HerpaGreens: Introduction

Herpa Greens is a dietic option manufactured in the form of water-soluble powder. It’s designed for treating Herpes Simplex Virus symptoms like itching, redness, skin rashes, painful sensations, and so on. The dietic aid can elevate immunity and lower the risk of disease manifestations.

Potent Formula

HerpaGreens contains a combination of components great for fighting HSV-1 and 2:


According to medical experts, quercetin is effective in the treatment and prevention of arthritis, ulcers and erosions of the oral mucosa, inflammatory purulent processes, and periodontal disease. In addition, this element noticeably relieves pain during prostatitis, infections of the genitourinary system, and arthrosis.
Quercetin, causing a decrease in malignant tumors, is able to minimize the formation of cancerous foci in the liver. So far, a useful flavonoid has not been used to treat cancer, but it is advised to consume it as much as possible, especially since quercetin is found in large amounts in fresh vegetables and fruits.
Possessing an antihistamine effect, quercetin is relevant as a medication that relieves allergy symptoms, as well as the manifestation of skin rashes and asthma. Quercetin is able to qualitatively fight allergies without side effects, with the same success as some medications.


Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant designed to stabilize the functioning of internal organs. It:
  • Reduces arterial and venous pressure. In the body, resveratrol stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which reduces pressure on the walls of blood vessels. Regular intake of the substance will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Controls the number of fat cells. The ingredient affects the enzyme that regulates the amount of adipose tissue in the body. By helping to restore the metabolism between cells, resveratrol reduces the amount of cholesterol, which reduces the amount of excess weight.
  • Extends life. Animal experiments have shown that in 60% of cases the medicine helps to prolong life. It was found that the beneficial effects are carried out even in the case of poor nutrition.
  • Has a positive effect on the nervous system and protects brain cells. It is important to start influencing age-related changes in the body from adulthood. Resveratrol prevents the development of memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the substance stimulates the normal blood circulation of the brain, which allows you to cure dizziness, weakness, and drowsiness.
  • Increases sensitivity to insulin. The substance prevents oxidative processes in human tissues and helps to increase sensitivity to a hormone such as insulin, which maintains the normal state of diabetics.
  • Is characterized by anesthetic properties. Resveratrol prevents the destruction of cartilage and reduces pain throughout the body.


When it comes to algae as a superfood, then it’s very different from other products (greens, fruits, or berries). For example, it contains more beta-carotene than carrots or pumpkin. Also, the product contains about 70% vegetable proteins, that is, its nutritional value is several times higher than nuts, Leguminosae, and green vegetables. One tablespoon of dried seaweed is 200-300% of the everyday value of vitamin B12. The advantages of algae also lie in the fact that it:
  • Strengthens the defense system by increasing the body’s production of cytokines, protein molecules that fight pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Reduces tumor growth and counteracts free radicals.
  • Helps relieve allergies: even 2 g of the product per day significantly reduces symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and itching.
  • Increases endurance and training efficiency.
  • Stimulates the growth of healthy microflora in the intestines.


One of the main benefits of blueberries is anthocyanin. It is a plant substance from the group of flavonoids. The berry owes its rich blue color to it. But for humans, the benefits of anthocyanin lie in its powerful antioxidant effect. In simple terms, it provides blueberries with the ability to remove toxins from the body, which accelerate the aging process. The conclusion suggests itself: more blueberries – longer youth.

HerpaGreens: Health Effects

HerpaGreens beneficially impacts the defense mechanisms of the human body. This is due to the following properties:

  • The dietic product suppresses cellular damage caused by free radicals, toxins, and HSV.
  • HerpaGreens improves the state of affected skin and mucus membranes.
  • It elevates immunity.
  • It provides anti-aging effects.
  • HerpaGreens normalizes blood sugar and cholesterin levels.
  • It eases itching, irritation, skin rashes, and other signs of HSV (1st and 2nd type).
  • It alleviates an inflammatory state.

Where Can I Order the Product?

HerpaGreens, like many other dietic products, is sold on an online basis. You won’t find it in land-based stores and pharmacies. To purchase the dietary aid, follow the link.

HerpaGreens: Current Pricing

HerpaGreens is offered in three packing variants at reduced prices:


  • one unit – $69;
  • three bottles – $177;
  • six units – $294.

Still, you should take into consideration that the discount is usually available for new clients only. It’s not indicated on the manufacturer’s website if such “special prices” are active for all consumers.

Yet, there is a positive aspect: all orders come with a full satisfaction warrant. It implies you can return the product and get your money back within 60 days. Be sure to clarify return conditions in the support service.

Optimal Daily Dosage

The advisable daily dose of Herpa Greens is one scoop of powder. Consume the product after meals with ~250-350 ml of juice, water, green tea, or another beverage to your liking. It’s crucial not to miss intakes and develop a certain schedule for administering HerpaGreens. Thus, the dietic aid will ensure long-lasting results.

HerpaGreens: Any Restrictions?

Before using this dietary supplement, women during pregnancy or a breastfeeding period, people with chronic diseases, the elderly, people under 18 years of age, people taking prescription pharmaceuticals or have a doctor-diagnosed disease, should consult a pharmacist, naturopath, or another qualified medical professional.

Real Users’ Feedback

Amazing product for all kinds of HSV. I struggle with it. After administering the dietary powder once a day after eating for three months, I forgot about the disease for a whole year! When taking HerpaGreens, there were skin issues but mild ones. They completely disappeared in a week! For the period of treatment, avoid artificial sugar, milk, and gluten. Help your body, otherwise, the dietary aid will not help either.

Wayne Mccray

For many years, I have been suffering from cytomegalovirus (a type of herpes), which used to make itself felt very often during cooling or severe stress. I took Herpa Greens as directed purposefully in courses. It is absorbed and digested perfectly. Naturally, at the same time, I needed to observe a sleep schedule, eliminate stress, etc. And believe me, the result is sure to come!

Ameerah Metcalfe

Excellent supplement! My daughter has intrauterine herpes, we have been fighting it for over twenty years! After taking Herpa Greens, the virus did not occur for more than six months. And for two years now, rashes have been extremely rare. She’s very happy with the effects!

Miah Miranda

The perfect immune booster! HerpaGreens increases the body’s resistance against viruses, eases symptoms of HSV, and improves the general physical state and well-being. It does not cause discomfort and is easily absorbed by the body. Balanced composition with optimal dosage!

Emile Mcdougall

Due to immunity-boosting properties, HerpaGreens is the best remedy for the first sign of a cold. 1 to 2 days of admission are enough to suppress all the symptoms. Suitable for various viral infections, including herpes.

Jamaal Lamb

How to Avoid Herpes – Tips to Add to HerpaGreens Intake

Oddly enough, the best prevention of herpes is to follow the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene. Indeed, the most favorable environment for the herpes virus to enter the body is created when a person’s immune defenses are reduced, but still the most important thing is to prevent the pathogenic microorganism from entering the organism because if this happens, it will settle in the nerve cells of an infected person for life.

However, the herpes virus is unusually resistant to environmental influences and can persist even in the most unfavorable conditions for other viruses. So for the destruction of virions at a temperature of 37.5C°, it will take 20 hours, at 50C° – 52C°, the virus survives for 30 minutes. Moreover, Herpes simplex is able to withstand temperatures up to 70C°!

It is important to know that the virus can persist for a long time on the matter and metal surfaces – water taps, doorknobs, coins, and on other objects that a person comes into contact with in everyday life. For example, on metal surfaces, the herpes virus survives for 2 hours, on plastic – 3 hours, and on wet soft materials (bandages, cotton, towels) – until they are completely dry, i.e. sometimes 6-8 hours. There are cases when infection with the genital virus occurred after sitting on plastic surfaces (toilet, plastic bench) in public places.

That is why it is necessary to carefully observe all the rules of personal hygiene. Direct physical contact with people who are obviously sick with herpes should be avoided, as well as the use of personal items belonging to other people: lipstick, towels, razors, etc. And, of course, elementary measures should be followed to prevent infection with the genital herpes virus safety during sexual intercourse: refuse casual sex, prefer one reliable partner, use a condom and, at the slightest suspicion of infection, contact a professional doctor.

Final Thoughts

Are you afraid of painful herpes manifestations? Want to support your immunity and avoid HSV? Herpa Greens is exactly what you need! Based on all the details mentioned above, it’s safe to say that this supplement is 100% effective, doesn’t lead to severe side reactions, and isn’t toxic. It effectively helps to restore the body’s defense processes and enhance the state of skin and mucus membranes!


  • The dietic product suppresses cellular damage caused by free radicals, toxic substances, and HSV.
  • HerpaGreens improves the condition of affected skin and mucus membranes.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It provides anti-aging effects.
  • HerpaGreens normalizes blood sugar and cholesterin levels.
  • It eases itching, irritation, skin rashes, and other signs of HSV (1st and 2nd type).
  • It alleviates inflammatory processes.
  • The HerpaGreens manufacturer provides a 60-day full satisfaction guarantee.


  • Users can purchase the dietary supplement online only.

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