Academic Calendar, Term-1

Overview of Academic Calendar, Phase-1


Class Start Notice

This is to inform all the students of MBBS, 1st Year, Session 2016-2017, the class will start from Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 9:00 AM


Book List Notice For 2016-17 Session

Book list for newly admitted students (2016-17 session) of 1st year MBBS

Quality Assurance

To maintain quality education and proper implementation of curriculum, the various components of quality assurance scheme are followed and implemented. To this end various committees are formed and made fully functioning. These are:

Academic Council

Academic council meets regularly and discusses college academic activities, quality assurance implementation and progress in academic logistic and faculty development. Various impediments are identified and directions given.

Course/ Academic Coordinator:

Responsible for development, delivery and evaluation of MBBS course and review resources.

Phase Committee:

Delivery of respective phases of MBBS course, Monthly evaluation and annual report to Course/Academic coordinator.